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Traditional Lamb Tagine - Momma Cherri Style

Lamb steaks, pre marinaded in Momma’s Cajun seasoning Onions, chopped Shallots, chopped Carrots, chopped in half lengthways Garlic, chopped Red Peppers, chopped Green Peppers, chopped Potatoes, quartered Courgette, chopped in half, lengthways Beef tomato, sliced Coriander Peas (fresh or frozen) oil for frying salt/pepper to taste Turmeric half a cup of water

Fry your lamb steaks for about 10 minutes to brown, then set aside.

Place your chopped onions and shallots into the base of the tagine (or large cooking pot) and brown for a few minutes until soft. Add your cooked meat add garlic and seasonings Cover the tagine and leave for about 15 minutes. Uncover and stir. Add a little more Turmeric. Cover again and leave until the meat is more tender. Remove from the stove, add the raw quartered potatoes around the outer edges of the tagine, add the carrots, courgettes, peppers, layered up like a tower. Sprinkle on the peas. Slice the tomato and add to the tagine with the chopped coriander and more cajun seasoning, black pepper & salt.

Cover with the lid of the tagine, and return to the stove for 10 minutes, add half a cup of water then allow to simmer until done.

Serve with cous cous and flatbread.