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Roast Turkey Breast with Stuffing

Turkey breasts Cranberry sauce (smooth or chunky) Egg Momma’s Cajun seasoning Salt & pepper Panko

For the dressing/stuffing: Celery Onion Green & Red Peppers Coriander Butter, for frying (or oil of your choice) Momma’s Cajun seasoning Mixed herbs (Oregano, Thyme, Marjoram, Parsley, Sage & Basil) Stale bread of choice

For the gravy:

Dressing Water

Add some butter or oil to a frying pan, followed by chopped celery, green & red pepper and onion, add your seasonings, soften the vegetables, when softened add the stale breadcrumbs and a bit of water, or stock. When ready, blend it down a little so it rolls into the turkey breasts more easily.

Place your Turkey breasts between two layers of cling film, and bash with a rolling pin until thin. Add some of the dressing/stuffing onto the flattened breast, smooth out with a spoon to cover, add some cranberry sauce and spread to the edges. Then roll the breast. To a bowl add your egg and seasonings, mix well, coat the rolled meat with the egg mix and then roll in Panko. Place in a greased oven proof dish, and bake for approx 50 minutes.

After you take it from the oven there should be leftover dressing in the oven proof dish. If you add this to a pan with some water you can make this into a sort of gravy. Takes a couple of minutes. When done. Slice the turkey rolls, and serve with the gravy!