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Leg of Pork or any section with the pork with a bone in and skin

For the marinade

4 cloves Fresh garlic

2 Spring onions ( you can use any other diced onions )

1 fresh Chilli or 1 teaspoon flaked chilli

1 cup Coriander

1 cup Parsley

Love dust, Cajun seasoning



A touch of liquid smoke if you have it or you could use 1 tablespoon of smoky bbq sauce

1 Lime juice squeezed and zested

1 Lemon juice squeezed and zested

Chop all of the above by hand, blend together. The mixture will be rustic and chunky You are making a chunky paste which will be put into the meat.

Reserve all of the scrapes and ends to the vegetables. This can be boiled up to be used for a gravy.

Get your butcher to score the meat for you or using a sharp knife cut deeply into the meat. Garb a handful of your marinade and push it into the cuts within the meat and under the skin. Then rub the marinade over the skin. Leave to rest and marinade for at least 4 hours. Before placing into oven sprinkle with rock salt and squeeze lemon and lime juice. Place into a hot oven and bake for at least two hours depending on the size or into a low oven and slow cook for 6 hours.

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