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Oreo Cookie Cake

Can make one cake, or individual cakes. (Especially good if cooking with kids as they can decorate their own)

250g butter 400g sugar 3 Eggs Vanilla essence Coconut essence (optional) Flour Cocoa powder baking powder milk packet of Oreo cookies, broken up

To decorate Ready made chocolate icing Ready made vanilla icing Sprinkles etc.

Mix your butter and sugar a little then add your eggs and whisk. Add to this (while whisking) your vanilla essence, coconut extract

Add some cocoa powder to some flour and blend, set aside, add this to the rest of your butter mix with a little milk.

Divide some of the mix for a vanilla part as it’s a layer cake, add some flour, baking powder and mix, add a little milk

Break up the Oreo cookies and add some to each bowl. Add the two kinds of mixture into the greased pans and bake.

Once cooled, decorate with icing… I’m using ready made here, as I’m cooking with kids, but you could make your own. I’m also using chocolate and vanilla icing.