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Lemon & Coriander Infused Rice

Olive oil Garlic, chopped Onions, chopped Momma’s Cajun Seasoning Easy Cook Long Grain rice (enough to feed however many you’re cooking for) All purpose seasoning, optional water Coriander, freshly cut Juice & pulp of 1 whole lemon salt

In a shallow pan add a little olive oil, garlic, onions, Cajun seasoning, add the rice. Stir to coat all the rice with the seasonings and veg. Add a little of the all purpose seasoning if using. Add water (from your previously cooked veggies if available). Let that come to the boil and the liquid reduce by half. Add the Coriander, lemon juice & pulp, mix in, add a little more water, a touch of salt, turn the heat up again, cover and cook for 5 more minutes.