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Honey Glazed Cola Ham

Ham, smoked or unsmoked 3 small onions apple ground cinnamon stick of cinnamon, optional 2ltr bottle cola (regular or diet, no matter)

For the glaze: Clear honey, half a jar Momma’s Cajun Seasoning Wholegrain or Dijon Mustard approx 3 tbsps Cloves

Step 1:

Open the ham and pop it straight into the crock-pot of your slow cooker, take the apple, cut it in half and throw it into the pot. Sprinkle the cinnamon liberally onto the ham. Make sure it covers the meat. Break the cinnamon stick in half, if using, and throw it in. Peel the onions and drop them in, whole.

Pour your cola into the crock pot, and make sure the meat is covered with the liquid. Pop the lid on, switch to high and leave for 6-8 hours.

Step 2:

Very carefully remove the ham from the pot, place in a baking tray and remove the top layer of skin from the ham. Score the fat on the ham, Pour half a jar of honey into a jug, add Cajun seasoning and mustard, stir well. It should be a thick consistency. Take the glaze and pour liberally over the top of the ham. Take the cloves, and stud the ham in the squares that you’ve scored previously.

Bake in a hot oven for approximately 20 minutes until the glaze bubbles.