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Gluten Free Apple & Blueberry Pie


Cooking Apples, peeled and chopped, softened Lemon juice Blueberries, large punnet Cinnamon Cornflour Half a cup of sugar Vanilla essence Blueberry Jam

Gluten Free shortcrust pastry mix (home made or store bought) 200mls Hot Water Gluten Free flour for dusting the surfaces

Make up your pastry mix if using store bought, follow the instructions on the packet. Dust the surface with GF flour, work the mix, cut into two balls and roll out to fit your pie tins. Line the tin with half the pastry. Soften your apples in the microwave, add some cinnamon, half a cup of sugar and some cornflour for thickening. Stir well and add some vanilla essence, then add in the blueberries and mix well. Add a couple of tbsps of blueberry jam and continue mixing. Add this to your lined pie tin, top with the other half of the pastry (latticed if you want to be fancy) dust with some cinnamon and bake in a hot oven for 30-40 mins or until golden brown.