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Into a pan add


½ of red, yellow and green Mixed pepper diced

1 Tbs Butter or ghee

Love dust Cajun seasoning

Cook until softened

In another pan add

½ cup Sugar

125 g Cream cheese

1 cup Fresh cream

Let these all melt together

Add frozen or tinned sweet corn to a casserole dish

Remove a small amount of the corn and blend together with a stick blender or in a food processor

Add the creamed corn to the sweet corn in the casserole dish add the cooked vegetable, add some black pepper and salt then top with the cream cheese mixture.

To add a slight twist to the traditional creamed corn I like to add some grated or finely sliced parmesan cheese to it. Top with a bit more black pepper. Bake in the oven for ½ hour to combine those flavors

Watch the video on my YouTube channel by clicking the link below