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Chilli con Carne

I visited one of my Peeps, Chad, at the residential home he lives at. Chad has been a fan since the Gordon Ramsay days, he regularly visited the restaurant, and has kept in touch throughout the years. It was a pleasure to cook with him, and spend some time chatting.

Red, Yellow & Green Peppers, roughly chopped – half of each 2 Onions, diced oil, to coat the bottom of the pan Momma’s Cajun Seasoning Mixed Herbs Cumin Minced beef Smoked Paprika Kidney beans, drained Chickpeas, drained 1 pkt Chilli con Carne spice mix 2 tins chopped tomatoes

To the pot, add enough oil to coat the bottom, then season with Cajun seasoning, mixed herbs, and cumin, then add the peppers and onions to soften. Add the minced beef (aka ground beef), stir thoroughly, to coat the meat with all the seasonings Simmer for a few minutes. Add some smoked paprika, and simmer some more. Add a can of Kidney beans and a can of chickpeas. Stir thoroughly. Add a packet of Chilli con Carne seasoning mix to the pot, then add the tins of chopped tomatoes. Stir well and leave to cook for another ten minutes or so.